We are a website specialized in allowing the link between Argentine polo horse breeders and buyers worldwide.

We take care of bringing together in our portal the breeders specialized in polo horses, with the best genetics and from foals, prepared to play, instructed in constant preparation, especially by those who know more about horses, the Argentine gauchos.

Our website allows users to see selected polo horses, with their photos, videos in game action, their history, pedrigre, age and playing conditions in the field.

We want people from all over the world, players, teams, breeders, to interact with those who can provide them with horses especially suitable for the game of polo. Now buying a horse for polo is simple, we perform the task of selecting only the best.

Argentine polo horses

Argentine polo horses have the best performance on the field, they are skilled, precise, they are unified with the rider in the sport, so they are the most appreciated by professional players worldwide.

We also have horse training services, training and training program for riders and expert advice to choose horses.

We invite interested in polo horses to come to our land in person to try their horses, participate in polo games that occur in each field of Chascomús, with players who learn to ride almost before walking.

We will host them, move them to the fields and fields so they can climb on top of their horse and see their performance in full play. Immediately, you will notice why Argentine horses are chosen by the best clubs and players in the world.
Our city has polo fields in each field, where this sport is popular passion.

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We are located in the city of Chascomús, Province of Buenos Aires, in the middle of Argentina's Pampa, where the best polo horses are naturally bred.